About us

At Ecojob we work with recruitment professionals dedicated to impactful environmental change. We hire the best candidates for the staff leasing and outsourcing. We also support our business partners in their recruitment processes. We believe that by filling positions with environmentally minded talents, we contribute to sustainable development. This way we can pave the way for a better future. Within the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR), we aspire to pioneer sustainable practices to be followed by other temporary employment agencies to create more eco-friendly workplaces, where harmonious employee-employer relationships underlie successful attainment of business goals. We pursue the vision of a future eco-system of employees and employers who jointly co-operate to create sustainable, resilient and ready for tomorrow businesses.

Ecojob Group

We are an international employment agency, operating as a company based in Poland. We lease and outsource employees from Poland, Eastern Europe, Asia, India and America. We support our business partners by placing with them properly qualified candidates with a modern blend of skills required in various sectors.

We operate under the following business names:

Ecojob Emploi
Axialus S.A.
Ecojob Sp. z o.o.

Our mission

The mission of Ecojob is to hire professionals that can make a true environmental impact in progressive organisations. We, moreover, aspire to create sustainable workplaces, where employees and employers are motivated to meet ambitious environmental targets and implement nature-based solutions. Our desire is to raise awareness among the employees and employers.

We encourage our candidates and business partners to engage in environmental projects, both, in and outside of the workplace. Our job placements help build high performing work environment, where professionals and experts actively promote the CSR practices.

We think and act GREEN

We want to be a fully sustainable and responsible organisation. We believe that degradation of natural environment entails an adverse change for mankind. Environmental protection and sustainable work are the targets we aspire to meet. We are committed for our employees to act responsibly and respectfully to natural resources and be energy-efficient. We support environmental activities. We want to ensure safe and healthy work conditions. We steer clear of polluting industries.

Our environmental activities

We hire talented professionals that can drive impactful environmental changes – that is our motto. As an employment agency, we foster a harmonious employer-employee relationship. Within the framework of our cooperation with posadzimy.pl, we plant new trees to make a positive footprint.

Work with us to push forward sustainable solutions!

Each of our new business partners and employees will get a tree!
In one year, one tree will produce as much oxygen as is needed for a 2-year respiration of a human being.
In one year, one tree will cool the air down with the efficiency of 5 continuously working air conditioners.
A 25-meter-high tree absorbs as much CO2 as is generated by two households.